Why you need a sourcing agent in China?

All goods are made in China, There is no doubt that you can purchase all kinds of goods from China.

Base my past experience and my cooperation customer, these people will much need a sourcing agent or a sourcing helper from China.

A Man/women who is running a store in local, he has no time to come to China but He needs to purchase many kinds of goods from China at small qty at the same time. If he buy 50 products, he may need to contact and communicate with 50 suppliers, that is supper a lots of work. What’s more, you are not sure if the things you buy is qualify or not.

Now when there is a Sourcing partner in china, who can help you out. The sourcing Partner is your hand in China and she can do Things for you below:

  1. Can Purchase All kinds of different product for you from China.

2. Can Visit the factory Personally and Check the Product Quality before purchase.

3. Can Negotiate and Get the Good price since she know well about China.

4. Do Quality Inspection when purchase bulk goods.

5. Combine all goods you purchase for Shipping Delivery. If Goods reach or above 3-5 Cubic Metre, goods can be arrange to ship by air or by Oceanship, which will save a lot shipping cost then Courier like DHL.

6. They familiar with their local country and will make the purchase much efficiency.